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@ianbohen: @johnvarvatos is feeding us bourbon while we shop… Me likey… [x]
@ianbohen: @johnvarvatos is feeding us bourbon while we shop… Me likey… [x]
Anonymous: Sterek prompt: watching Harry potter weekend on abc family


HP weekend is literally my heart and soul. Notes: dead again Kate. Stiles is in college. Cohabitation and all that jam. 


For a werewolf, Derek sure had a difficult time accepting other kinds of sci-fi and supernatural. He poo-pooed vampires, turned his nose up at aliens, and actually laughed in Stiles’ face when he mentioned wizards.

“For a dude with claws, mysteriously growing facial hair, and an arch enemy, you sure aren’t very accepting of the other possibilities of the world,” Stiles said. Derek was in the kitchen of their small apartment making chicken parmesan for dinner, and Stiles was mounting his argument for their weekend plans.

“Wizards aren’t real. And Kate’s not my arch enemy. Also having an arch enemy isn’t a supernatural occurrence,” Derek said, focusing on the food instead of Stiles. Stiles got this way sometimes. Bratty and defensive, maybe a little insecure. Combattive. It was the most annoying part of being with him honestly, because Stiles always got his way when he was like this.

“Having an arch enemy certainly isn’t a normal occurrence. Normal people don’t have them. And she’s something,” Stiles said. Derek appreciated the undying hatred that Stiles carried for Kate Argent, but it wasn’t very constructive. Not anymore.

“She’s dead,” he said, checking how the chicken was doing in the oven. Almost done.

“You know who isn’t dead?” Stiles asked. He was in their small galley kitchen, which was strictly against the rules when Derek was cooking. Stiles knocked things over. Stiles got in his way. Stiles tried to unload the dishwasher when he knew that Derek needed to get into the fridge. Their kitchen was not large enough for both activities at the same time. It wasn’t large enough for the both of them. “Harry Potter. He’s not dead, even though Voldemort used the killing curse on him. He’s the boy who lived.”

“And you’re not going to be, pretty soon here,” Derek said. He knew that he was giving Stiles what he called ‘Derek’s Angry Eyebrows,’ but he didn’t care. “Go work on your homework.”

“Preposterous,” Stiles said. “It’s Friday night! It’s Friday, and ABC Family has given me the gift of an all-weekend long Harry Potter marathon. There’s no way I’m doing homework tonight, buddy.”

“Don’t you have them all on DVD?” Derek asked.

“I have them all on Blu-ray, and it’s not the same. I’d be a loser if I just had a marathon without a network confirming that it’s a viable life choice.” 

“Getting a good grade in your physics class is a viable life choice,” Derek said.

“You’re no fun,” Stiles said. And pouted. Literally stuck his full bottom lip out at Derek. Derek’s fangs descended and he snapped at Stiles - not close enough to actually bite him, but close enough to get him out of the kitchen.

“But you’ll at least watch the first one with me right?” Stiles said, hopping up to the breakfast bar that looked into the kitchen. Derek would have preferred Stiles getting some actual work done - doing homework or research was the only time he was actually, truly still and quiet - but at least he wasn’t walking in front of the oven as Derek was trying to open it.

“I’m the one making you dinner,” Derek said. “Shouldn’t I be able to choose what we watch?”

“I just finished up midterms though,” Stiles whined. Derek didn’t even need to feel his resolve crumbling to know that they would be watching the boy wizard movie. Likely multiple of them. Stiles usually took the word ‘marathon’ to mean ‘challenge.’ And Stiles’ midterms had been brutal - for both of them. Derek didn’t know it was possible for him to lose that much sleep because of papers and tests when he wasn’t even the one in school.

“Which is why I’m making you this nice meal.” Derek could cook, but he didn’t normally. Not to this degree. His cooking usually involved more scrambled eggs. This meal was special. And Stiles wanted to ruin it with spells and potions and trolls.

“Because you love me,” Stiles said. Stiles’ eyes were unusually bright in the most mundane of circumstances. They glowed deep from within without any prompting or external coaxing. But when Stiles wanted something they glittered, the soft amber illuminating almost brighter Derek’s own blue.

“The last time you used that phrase with those eyes we came home with a flat screen TV and a Wii U,” Derek said. “That phrase and those eyes - they’re poison.”

“Pretty sure the last time I used that phrase with these eyes was this morning, and you didn’t seem to be complaining about it then,” Stiles quipped. He wasn’t wrong. They had officially reached the point in the argument where Stiles had won. He was just playing with his food now.

“Fine,” Derek said, grabbing the pasta pot off the stove to drain it. He could suffer a few wizards.

“Excellent. They’re are eight movies, and don’t worry, I know you haven’t read the books, but I’ll fill in the gaps for you during the commercial breaks.”

“I’ll watch the first one,” Derek said, pouring a couple of glasses of wine for them.

“First eight? Perfect. God, I love you,” Stiles said, taking his glass from Derek. The only moves Derek had left were an eye roll and a kiss. He still wasn’t quite sure how he could love this annoying kid so much. Magic, probably.


Nur zwei Arten von “Friend Zone?”

Eigentlich wollte ich gerade schlafen gehen, aber dann hab ich gesehen dass Klopfers Update online steht - juchu!

Die eine Kolume ("Die Zone der falschen Freundschaft") bereitet mir allerdings ein bisschen Bauchschmerzen.

Zuerst einmal hat Klopfer sicher nicht unrecht - es gibt die “allgemeine Friendzone” und die “fiese Friendzone” (und ja, Bella ist fies und nutzt Jacob aus, aber inwieweit das wirklich moralisch verwerfliche Ursprünge hat, ist ein anderes Thema).

Was mich aber daran stört ist, dass es auch noch eine dritte Art Friendzone gibt, und das ist das Szenario wo “tatsächlich der liebe Typ das Arschloch [ist], welches eiskalt berechnend die eigene Schuftigkeit hinter Gefälligkeiten versteckt, nur um sein Gegenüber in die emotionale Abhängigkeit zu treiben”.
Das Problem ist aber nicht, dass der liebe Typ seine Schuftigkeit hinter Gefälligkeiten versteckt, sondern, dass es tatsächlich Typen gibt, die die ganze Zeit lieb zu dem Mädchen ihrer Wahl sind, es trösten, etc etc - und dann aber auf einen Korb mit den Worten reagieren “aber wieso denn? ich war doch immer so lieb zu dir”.

…Danke dass ihr uns wie normale Menschen behandelt? Ist das so ‘ne tolle Aktion dass wir euch jetzt aus Dankbarkeit ran lassen müssen oder was?

Die Arschlöcher sind diejenigen, die glauben, sie hätten ein Anrecht auf eine sexuelle Beziehung mit einem Mädchen, nur weil sie nett waren.
Ich erwarte von meinen Freunden, dass sie nett zu mir sind und mir Beistand leisten.
Meine Freunde erwarten aber (hoffentlich) nicht, dass ich im Gegenzug mit ihnen schlafe.

Die Männer beschweren sich, dass Frauen sich immer nur die Arschlöcher raussuchen und nie die lieben Kerle.
In dieser Ansicht schwingt aber indirekt mit, dass man sich als lieber Kerl das Recht auf Sex verdient hat, nur weil man lieb war. Als wäre man als Frau dazu verpflichtet, sich auf nen Kerl einzulassen, nur weil er nett zu einem war. Und wenn man das nicht tut, ist man ‘ne blöde Schlampe.

Es ist keine Grundlage für ‘ne Beziehung, Punkte zu sammeln - “da war ich nett, da hab ich sie getröstet, da war ich aber besser als andere Kerle es gewesen wären, jetzt muss sie doch endlich mal mit mir ausgehen”.

Ich habe als Frau das Recht, für mich zu entscheiden, mit wem ich eine Beziehung eingehen möchte - und ein Kerl hat nicht das Recht, eine Beziehung zu erwarten nur weil er nett war.

Damit möchte ich nicht sagen, dass jeder nette Kerl heimlich nur auf Sex aus ist, und jeder Typ in der Friend Zone eigentlich ein Arschloch ist - wie anfangs erwähnt finde ich, dass Klopfer weitgehen recht hat - ich finde nur, dass eine weitere Perspektive fehlt, die leider zu häufig vergessen wird.

(Und weil Bildchen immer schöner sind als Text hier noch ein kleiner Comic dazu.)

(Und ja es ist nachts um zwei und das ist vermutlich nicht das Beste was ich dazu sagen kann, aber ich musste das mal loswerden.)




Promoting men’s body positivity. We all don’t have chiseled abs.

I appreciate this post. For many reasons.

been waiting for a post like this!




Promoting men’s body positivity. We all don’t have chiseled abs.

I appreciate this post. For many reasons.

been waiting for a post like this!


When it comes to cooking, not everyone is at the same skill level



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That square is 5 bees by 6 bees I’ll have you know that is a bee rectangle you have failed


brushing your teeth at night is a difficult thing to do because its like a semipermanent decision once you brush your teeth thats it you cant eat for the rest of the night and i just never know if im willing to make that commitment


Space, guys… SPACE!!!!



I wanna sneak out in the middle of the night and drive to the middle of nowhere and lay on the roof of a car and stare at the stars